We would like to acknowledge our gratitude to Soros Foundation Moldova for funding the project. Soros Foundation Moldova promotes values of an open society in Moldova and contributes to the democratization of society through elaboration and implementation of particular programs in various fields, such as mass media, cultural policies, judicial reform, good governance, civic participation and public health.


Non-Discrimination Coalition is a voluntary union of several public associations who aim at protecting and promoting human rights and freedoms. GENDERDOC-M Information Centre is a member of the Non-Discrimination Coalition.

Discriminare Media web portal has been launched by the civil society and mass media exponents who want to live in a country free of discrimination, where human rights are fully respected.

teatru-spălătorie has asserted itself as a non-conformist theater in Chişinău, which breaks clichés and stereotypes. Within its project KOMPOT, teatru-spălătorie invites everybody to express his or her support to LGBT people.

The LGBT topic has been addressed in the performances such as WEAREPORN, ROGVAIV, Coming Out and Sexul Povestit Celor Mari.

Record a short video supporting those who need you back. Help others accept diversity.Record a video