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Here are several methods you can use to record a video containing a message of support. Your words will encourage an adolescent, who needs support, to live and feel equal with the rest of people. Your opinion may positively influence those around you, stop the violence and generate tolerance. What can your message contain? Speak from your heart. If you experience difficulties with finding appropriate words, try to tell us:

  • about yourself
  • about gays/lesbians/bi/transgender people you may know
  • what you would do if you learned that your best friend or sister was gay
  • what you would tell those parents who don’t accept their own children when they learn about their identity
  • make a statement to those who don’t want to see anybody but heterosexual couples around
  • make a statement to the adolescent who has woken up in the world that doesn’t accept him or her

There are several methods to record the video:

  • If you have a web camera, use the YouTube
    My Webcam service
  • Record video with a camcorder, tablet computer, Smartphone and upload it on the website
  • If you don't have a web camera, please contact us. 022 288861, 022 288863


  • Prior to recording, make sure that your voice will be recorded without foreign noises (cars, other voices)
  • Turn on the light! A camcorder assimilates less light than human eye; respectively, a stronger light will ensure higher clarity of the image.
  • If you upload the video on YouTube, please indicate name of the project "Egali" in the title, your location or/and occupation. Examples: "Egali: Vasile and Natalia, Bălţi", "Egali: Sergiu, pharmacist, Orhei", or if you are a group of people, indicate "Egali: Amnesty International Team"
Files must be less than 64 MB.
Allowed file types: png gif jpg jpeg.

After recording video complete the form below

Not published on the site. Necessary for contacting you in case of some technical problems related to video playing
If you already have a video created by you
Enter the characters shown in the image.

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