Serghei şi Alexei, a couple

If we, gays and lesbians, don't show ourselves to society, and our compatriots don't see us, then not a single LGBT organization will be able to overturn homophobia and discrimination.  

Vika and Eva, a couple

Vika and Eva are a young couple from Moldova who have been together for a long time. They have a stable relationship based on love and mutual trust.

Artiom Zavadovschi, It Gets Better Project assistant (

Artiom is a young LGBT rights activist, originally from Bălţi. In 2012, the United Nations Office in Moldova gave him an award for outstanding bravery in articulating and defending human rights.

Anastasia Danilova, Executive Director of GENDERDOC-M

Anastasia Danilova, Executive Director of the GENDERDOC-M Information Centre, speaks about her identity, hardships she had to go through in her life and sends a message of encouragement to the LGBT youth of Moldova.

Vlad, 25 years old

Vlad is a young man who tells how he realized he was gay, what hardships he went through at school and in adolescence, and how his family accepted him.

Angela Frolov, It Gets Better Project coordinator (

Angela Frolov coordinates the It Gets Better Project whose goal is to make the voice of those, who condemn homophobia, transphobia and support LGBT youth in Moldova, heard, especially of those who are in the suicide border risk zone.

Lesia and Nastia from Chişinău

Lesia and Nastia are couple and live in Chişinău.

Andrei, coming out

Andrei comes out publicly and tells what it feels like for a gay in Moldova.


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    De fiecare dată, gătindu-mă a face un următor coming out (numai dacă faptul nu se întâmplă pe neaşteptate), de obicei elaborez toate combinaţiile c